Convenience, Organization, Focus, Accountability... ALL IN ONE PLACE

When I first started this journey of creating a planner, my primary goal was a vessel for organization, reflection, and productivity. I spent countless hours researching planners and trying to pull pieces together to make the perfect product. Secretly, (perhaps even on a subconscious level) I searched to make the perfect product in hopes that once it was created and I began implementing it, my life would because more clear and organized and shall I say it...perfect.

But here’s the thing I’ve come to realize and I hope you will too: LIFE ISN’T ABOUT PERFECTION. It’s not about always getting it right or figuring it all out. Life is about the journey. The ride along the way. The in-between. The magic that happens in the space after the beginning and right before the end. With this in mind, my hope is that you use your JourneyGuide as a tool. An everyday insight to more mindful and intentional living. An eye opening organizer that shifts your perspective on your life and your role in it. 

The JourneyGuide is your go to planner that not only keeps track of "all the things" but also shifts your perspective on your life and your role in it. It serves as a personal planning tool that gives insight to more mindful and intentional living. 

What is included in the JourneyGuide?
Meal Tracker
Water Intake
Exercise/Movement Accountability
Daily Appointments
Goal Setting
Daily Priorities
Weekly Reflection
and more!

Welcome to your journey...

JourneyGuide 30 Day Planner

Color: Blue